New to Greenville Nazarene?

Greenville First NazareneGreenville First Nazarene is made up of people just like you, and it is a place with something for everyone, regardless of their stage in life. We feel that the church should be a real place, a place that is warm and relevant to the lives of real people in normal everyday situations. It is always a joy to hear another testimony of how God is daily changing the lives of the members at Greenville First Nazarene.

We are a Christian church affiliated with the Church of the Nazarene and have been ministering to the Greenville community for over 50 years. If you’re interested, there is a whole lot more of that story to tell!

We believe the bible is the holy, inspired word of God. We believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, the one and only son of God. We believe Jesus lived on this earth, walking among us, showing by his sinless life and brilliant teaching the love of God and the only way to eternal life. We believe Jesus was crucified on a cross, died and was buried. We believe three days later God raised him from the dead and that this was attested to by the disciples and many other witnesses. We believe Jesus ascended to heaven and that, as promised, he is coming again to receive believers to himself.

So many of our guests are searching for answers to some of life’s most challenging questions. It is our desire that this search will lead you to discover the incredible and unconditional love of God. Forgiveness for sin is available to every man because God sent His Son Jesus to suffer the wrath of a Holy God against sin, in order that we might be forgiven. Telling you that story and living it out with you in community is why we’re here. We pray that you have experienced this incredible truth in your own life.

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